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Create a custom experience with our unique offerings of 69 different flavors of Guernsey's Ice Cream and our delicious desserts! 

Dessert Table with Ice Cream Cart


Choose from a large selection of super premium ice cream       

Choose the number of flavors you would like us to serve

Choose the ice cream toppings you would like us to provide


Choose if you would like us to provide any other desserts for your event

Our uniformed staff will scoop the ice cream and set up the dessert display for you

Bowls, Spoons, Napkins Included

Please fill out our Google Form below so we can provide an accurate quote.

For all flavor choices, please feel free to check out our Selections section

*Minimums may apply.  Delivery fee applies.  Deposit required upon booking.*

More accurate pricing available when you fill out our Google Form

Google Forms Version Here

Printable Version Here

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